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About us

We are a friendly, quirky and fun group who study and practise the art of Chen Taijiquan together.
The name "Shujian" literally means "book" and "sword" and stands for "learning" and "practicing", among other things.
Master Paris Lainas (13th Gen. Chen Taijiquan / 21st Gen. Chen Family), who does not place any emphasis on traditional strictness in his lessons, takes care of the majority of the teaching. A relaxed atmosphere and room for fun are therefore part of our program.
Nevertheless, the art of Taijiquan is taught in all its facets, combining ancient wisdom and modern methods to create an accessible understanding.
Those looking for esoteric vibes may be a little disappointed, but we do not exclude anyone. Mindfulness, feeling, body mechanics and precession are our tools. Just like in China, we do not mystify the method, but pass it on in a clearly understandable way.

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"In the company of friends, the paths become clearer, the spirit livelier and the heart stronger."


Our philosophy

Shujian is a place of learning and practicing.
Passionate teaching meets curiosity and the willingness to deepen what you have learned by practicing.
It is important to us to convey a deep understanding of the theory behind this art and to accompany the students on their path of Taiji.
Questions are an important pillar of this. In every lesson, Meister Paris Lainas is happy to answer all questions of a theoretical and practical nature.
Nevertheless, joking around and having fun is part of the daily routine and there is a friendly atmosphere between students and teachers. You will not find strict formalism here. Rather, students are encouraged to question and criticize what they have learned in order to find security and confidence in this system.

Our cours offer

"It's not enough to know, you also have to apply. It's not enough to want, you also have to do."
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)



Board of Directors:
Chairman: Herwig Kaindl
Treasurer / Vice Chairman: Paris Lainas
Secretary: Herbert Pamperl
Vice Secretary: Gerlinde Schweiger
Vice Treasurer: Gudrun Klausriegler

And here are our association statutes as PDF:

Articles of Association (German version)

"Remember: if you think you're thinking, then you're only thinking that you're thinking. You can think later. You can learn now!"
(Captain Flynn, Tron: Legacy)