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Master Chen Bing in Vienna 2025 ! Update

Chen Style Taijiquan

Internal martial art for
More safety, calmness, agility and inner strength

Mindful, aesthetic and healthy movement for
more quality of life, balance and serenity

Learn more about Taijiquan

"Calm is the master of movement."
(Attributed to Laozi - Chinese saying)

We offer:

Weekly courses in Vienna
- Entry possible at any time
- year-round outdoor offer
- free trial training
Workshops & training camps
individual lessons

Our cours offer
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"If you only do what you can do,
you will never be more than you are now"

(Master Shifu, Kungfu Panda)

Shujian down

"Much to lear, you still have"
(Master Yoda - Star Wars)

Shu (book) - Learn ...

... Taiji philosophy and principles for moving smart
... to know your body and use it more effectively
... to understand movement and strength to adapt and to take effect
... to straighten up and experience lightness
... to let go in order to relax and unleash inner strength

Jian (sword) - Practise ...

... gently, but strengthen your deep structures and center
... slowly and find peace, clarity and awareness
... attentively and with concentration for more calm, precession and effect
... regularly and strengthen a healthy habit
... the inner art for more strength, grace, skill and agility
... with others to test and develop your skills

Your free trial training

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit."
(Aristoteles, Greek philosopher)