Chen Taijiquan basic's course


course period: 12th of February until 19th of March 2017

Course content:  Chen Taijiquan basics in a course of 6 units, beginning on Mon., 12th of February 2018. Teaching contents are theoretical and practical fundamentals of Taijiquan like: mental and physical alignment, loosening/relaxation exercises, understanding about balance and coordination and the movement prinziples of Taijiquan. After complete the course, the student should have gathered basic knowledge and skills for further study of Taijiquan (like fist- and weaponform training and partner exercises like push hands).

Course place
: Benedikt-Schellinger-Gasse 1-3, 1150 Wien - Entrance in Felberstraße (please request for the door code!)

Course time: every Monday from 18:00 - 19:15

Minimum number of participants
: 5 people

number of participants: 12 people

Course fees
: € 90,-- incl. course ware and course confirmation

Deadline: 31th of Jannuary 2018  please sign in via E-Mail to

We recommend relaxed and loose training clothes.