About us


Shu Jian ... …. Book and Sword. In the chinese language, these words have a unique meaning for us. First, it expresses the relationship between culture and martial arts. On the other hand, the character shu (book) is standing for "learning" and the character Jian (sword) for "practicing". A basic principle for all skills, which should achieve a high level. Practicing in this way is called" Gong Fu" in China and in Japan this principle is known as "Zen".

These two principles here behave just like Yin and Yang in their eternal interplay. One can not exist without the other. And just who is willing to cultivate both in himself, can create something whole.

Health - Art - Self Defense

We teach Chen Stile Taijiquan (also known as Tai Chi Chuan oder Shadowboxing) in the traditional way and Qi Gong to maintain and build health. Our courses take place in Vienna. We also offer seminars, training camps and individual lessons.

This association should give the opportunity to learn and practise in an pleasant and relaxed atmosphere with like-minded people.
... just Shu Jian