Upcoming events

Master Chen Bing in Vienna 2025

Master Chen Bing will be back in Vienna from February 5th to 9th 2025 to share his knowledge with us.

Wed, Feb 5th
   17:00-20:00: double broadsword part 1
Thu. Feb 6th
   17:00-20:00: double broadsword part 2
Fri. Feb 7th
   14:00-17:00: double broadsword part 3
   17:30-20:00: Basics & 8 Powers
Sat. Feb 8th
   10:00-13:00: Grundlagen & 8 Powers
   15:00-18:00: Laojia Yilu part 1 (8 Powers)
Sun. Feb 9th
   10:00-13:00: Laojia Yilu part 2 (8 powers)
   15:00-18:00: Taiji Tuishou (from Laojia Yilu)

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Kolpinghaus Währing
Gentzgasse 27, 1180 Vienna, Austria - Google maps link

Each unit (2½ hours / 3 hours): € 45,-- / € 50,--
Payment in cash at the location!

Please send all registrations by e-mail to info@shujian.at by Dezember 15th 2024 at the latest. (But please earlier if possible! ;))

Chen Bing

Summer camp 2024

Dates for beginners:
Meeting point: Fri., July 26th (12:00h)
Start of training: Fri., July 26th (15:00h)
End of training: Sun., July 28th (12:00h)

Dates for advanced:
Meeting point: Sun., July 28th (12:00h)
Start of training: Sun., July 28th (15:00h)
End of training: Sun., Aug. 4th (12:00h)

Meeting point, training venue and accommodation:
Dormitory of the Landesberufsschule Schrems, Budweiser Straße 1, 3943 Schrems

Course programme:
- Basics (Fang Song Gong, standing, silk thread pulling, Fajin and more)
- Laojia yilu for beginners
- Program for advanced students follows
- Tuishou and other partner exercise

Training times:
Morning training: 07:00-08:30 (standing and silkreeling)
Noon training: 10:00-12:00 (basics, laojia yilu)
Afternoon training: 15:00-17:30 (Laojia Yilu and Tuishou)

Please send all registrations and questions by e-mail to info@shujian.at by June 10th 2024 at the latest.

Summer Camp